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                      UFO/ET contact events CE-5 

                                                      with Lauren Kurth




Join in on m

onthly CE-5 UFO/ET contact sky watch events. Expand your consciousness through a heart connected night to initiated ET contact. Healing, support, meditation  in a sacred space created by Lauren KURTH.  Enjoy the interaction with ET & UFO Craft. Let us connect together to expand our consciousness with the assistance of the star beings that are visiting earth to awaken humanity.

5+ hours

$85 per person 1ST TRAINING AND EVENT



Quantum Cellular resonance

Quantum Cellular resonance  is a powerful transformational therapy created by Lauren. Using processing techniques of the subconscious mind principals, we  establish some of your core subconscious mind patterns that are not working for you in your life. You will gain a new awareness of self and ownership of what you are creating. This is followed by a deep releasing technique called Thought field therapy (TFT), which helps free you of the thought patterns and emotional energy associated  with the creation of your issue. It also changes the blood cells and relieves stress, anxiety, depression, phobias and is good for your general health.Then you are worked on at a cellular and energetic level. This involves laying peacefully on a healing bed and using sacred geometry, sound harmonics and crystals to resonate the cells and open neuropath ways. It is a beautiful  relaxing and freeing sound harmonic experience , and  can take you into a deep state of consciousness.


session time is 2 hours

Investment $180.00AUD

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis

(the Dolores Cannon technique T.M)

Quantum healing hypnosis is a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Through regression we are able to understand the core issues of illness, life patterns and blocks. Through regressing to a deep state of relaxed trance, instant spontaneous healing can occur. 

Freeing old stuck emotions and patterns in life can also occur. You will also get answers to many questions you have about your experiences in life.   Usually only one session is required and you receive a recorded CD 1 week after the session.


Session time is 3 hours

Investment  $200.00 AUD



Cosmic Sound cellular resonance Healing

(weekly groups)

Cosmic sound cellular resonance  is a blissful relaxing healing experience. Lauren combines the beautiful harmonic sounds of the Alchemy crystal singing bowls,  tuning forks tuned to  528 & 432 hrtz frequencies, and her angelic powerful voice to take you on an intra-dimensional journey deep into your heart and the subconscious to resonate to the surface, all that needs to be healed and attuned! It is extremely relaxing and an experience like no other! 

All matter is vibrating as everything is energy, sound produces a wave form that can pass through the cells and energetic bodies. This can restore balance and harmony to the entire system. You will feel free, light and balanced.

You may also experience an activation or improvement in your extra sensory perceptions.


The groups runs for 1.5 hours.

$20 Per person


Please bring a mat or thick blanket to lay on, and a pillow and blanket for comfort, I also recommend a pillow for under you knees.

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