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Why Lauren?

Lauren provides a professtional, confidential and safe environment. She also offers some unique experiences in the healing room and out on a CE5 UFO/ET contact night watch expedition.  She can tailor a personal healing session to your specific needs.  Take a look at the services page to see what she can offer you


My 1st interview with Peter Maxwell Slattery, February 2014

My 2nd interview with Peter Maxwell Slattery, January 2015

About Lauren Kurth...

Lauren Kurth is a cosmic visionary, public speaker, UFO/ExtraTerrestrial contactee and experiencer, UFO/ExtraTerrestrial CE-5 contact worker and founder and Co-ordinator of her own UFO/ET contact group, A cosmic Sound resonance specialist using 432htz, Hypnotherapist (QHH), Thought field practitioner. Lauren is a gifted healer who has formulated her own healing modality, workshops and events. She is passionate about help humanity open their minds, heal their heart and raise consciousness.



*  34 Years UFO/ET sightings and contact experience.

*  CE5 Training (3 Days) - Dr Steven Greer  - 2013 Australia.

*  1 Days training in UFO/Contactee Hypnosis with Mary Rodwell 2013.

*  Cert 1 -  Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHH) Certified by  Dollores Cannon      2011. 

*  Cert 2 -  Advanced Practices QHH Certified by Dollores Cannon 2011

*  Certified QHH practitioner and Invited member of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy 2013

*  Cert 1 - Best practices of Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute 2012.

*  Certificate of proficiency - Subconscious mind principals - School of language of light -  2009.

*  Certificate in Thought field therapy (TFT) 2006

*  9 Years personal experience in Sound and Vibrational Therapy.

*  QXCI practitioner (Bio feedback) - Trained by Dr Dayandra Hettigde (NZ) & N Coulter ND (NZ)

*  Cert 1 - Crystal light healing  2012

*  25 years experience in Crystal Energy work